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Electromagnetic Fully Automatic Paper Cutting Machine

Electromagnetic Fully Automatic Paper Cutting Machine

Profile - A Very Better Machine Featuring Fully Automatic functioning. The Electromagnetic Clutch and Brake system allows you Total control over the Machine. Comes with Standard Accessories to help you get the full potential of this Lion Heart Machine.

Salient Features - Fully Automatic Paper Cutting Machine particularly designed for cutting of papers, board & other Sheet materials.

Basic Descriptions - The very Study construction of Electromagnetic Fully Automatic Paper Cutting Machine Equipped with self Clamping to be operated by switches. Centralised one shot Lubrication System has been provided..

Standard Execution - Electromagnetic, Fully automatic Spring Clamp, Clamp beam can be operated by paddle with ease for Cutting line check up.

Electromagnetic Clutch and Brake System - Permits the machine to be controlled entirely with Electrically Push Buttons with full Safety and eliminates possibility of any time delay between driving and braking.

Auto Measure System - Back gauge easily operated by power.

Safety - Photo Cell barrier , in case of any interruption even by paper the machine will stop automatically. Safety alarm, Light and metal guard on motor plus fly wheel is provided with the machine.

Side Gauge - They reach almost up to the cutting line for feeding very narrow piles.

Magnifying Lens - Provides a Clean Reading on the measuring tape of the distance between the Pile Gauge and the cutting Line.

Standard Accessories and Tools - Two knives, one box spanner to change knife, one oil can and a set of spanners.

Technical Specification

Size in inch Pile Height in inch Cuts in Minute Power (H.P)
33 4 30 4
37 5 28 5
42 5 26 6
52 5 24 6